Designing the Splash Screen

You'll implement the Been There, Done That! application from the ground up, beginning with the screen users see first: the splash screen. Recall from Hour 6, "Designing an Application Framework," that you had several requirements for this screen. Specifically, the screen should display some information about the application (title and version information) in a visually appealing way and then, after some short period of time, automatically move on to the main menu screen. Figure 7.1 provides a rough design for the splash screen.


Rough design for the Been There, Done That! splash screen.


(Fade In First)

(Some Fun Logo Animation)


(Fade In Last)


For the time being, you will focus on designing the splash screen in portrait mode, but you will try to avoid making the porting effort difficult for landscape or square orientations. With the simple design of the splash screen, you can be confident that the elements can scale reasonably well to other orientations, provided that you tweak font and graphic sizes later. Porting issues is discussed in a future chapter.

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