Designing the Favorite Place Feature

Mobile users are always on the go, and mobile applications that include integration with LBS have become incredibly popular. The Android platform makes it simple to add LBS support to applications. The degree to which LBS support is incorporated into an application is a design choice for the developer, and there are a number of options.

Because the Been There, Done That! application is primarily a game, you want to include some of the most common LBS features. You do this by adding a favorite place feature to the settings screen. As you build this feature, you will learn about some of the other options available for building more powerful LBS applications.

On the settings screen, the user will be able to choose to label and save the handset's last known location as his or her favorite place or type in a place name, such as an address, a city, or a landmark (for example, New York City, Iceland, Yellowstone National Park, 90210). The application then uses any geocoding service providers available to resolve these locations into the appropriate GPS coordinates.

To incorporate this kind of feature into the Been There, Done That! Settings screen, you need to modify the screen design slightly to include the new favorite place feature. Figure 14.1 shows a rough design of how the favorite place feature will be incorporated into the settings screen.


Rough design of the favorite place feature.





(20 characters max)


(Will be used as unique account id)


(Password requires entering twice to verify)


(DOB requires entering Month, Day, Year)


(Male, Female, or Prefer Not To Say)


(Current Location or Search By Name)

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