Designing Application Features

The design of the Chippy's Revenge game is simple. It has five screens:

► Splash—This screen acts as a startup screen, with the game logo and version. It might also play some music.

► Menu—On this screen, a user can choose from among several options, including playing the game, viewing the scores, and reading the help text.

Play—This screen is where game play actually takes place.

Scores—This screen displays the highest scores for the game (including high scores from other players), providing players with a challenge to do better.

Help—This screen displays instructions for how to play the game, including controls, goals, scoring methods, tips, and tricks.

ByWa ay

Starting to sound familiar? This is the prototypical design of just about any mobile application, game or otherwise, on any platform.

Certainly, you are free to implement any kind of user interface you desire. There are no real user interface requirements on the Android platform, other than that the application must be stable, responsive, and play nice with the rest of the Android system. That said, the best and most popular applications leverage the users' existing experience with user interfaces. It's best to improve upon those features, when necessary, rather than reinvent them, so you don't force the user to exert time and effort to learn your application in order to use it properly.

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