Designing an App Widget

The Android SDK provides developers with an interesting way to provide functionality outside the traditional boundaries of a mobile application: by using App Widgets. Developers can use the App Widget API to create mini controls or views that can be added to the user's Home screen. These simple controls can provide a user with information about the application and remind the user to launch the application when necessary.

App Widgets can be useful for certain types of applications, such as those that might need to inform the user of some status or update. A weather application might include an App Widget that displays the current weather conditions at the given location on the Home screen. A task management application might include an App Widget that informs the user of the next task on his or her to-do list or how many tasks are left for the day. A picture gallery application might include an App Widget that acts as a slideshow of all the pictures stored in the gallery.

In this lesson, you will create a simple App Widget for the Been There, Done That! application. This App Widget will do the following:

► Display the user's avatar

► Display the user's nickname

► Display the user's current score

► Launch the Been There, Done That! application when clicked

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