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The Android SDK provides utilities for gathering information about the current state of a network. This is useful for determining whether a network connection is available before trying to use a network resource. By validating network connectivity before attempting to make a connection, you can avoid many of the failure cases common in mobile device networking applications and provide your end users with a more pleasant user experience.

Retrieving Network Status Information Programmatically

Applications need to register the android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE permission in the Android manifest file to read the network status of the device. To alter the network state of the device, the application must also have the android.per-mission.CHANGE_NETWORK_STATE permission.

Developers can leverage the ConnectivityManager class ( ConnectivityManager) to access network status information about the device programmatically. You can get an instance of ConnectivityManager by using the familiar getSystemService() method of the application's Context object:

ConnectivityManager conMgr = (ConnectivityManager) getSystemService(Context.CONNECTIVITY_SERVICE);

When you have a valid instance of ConnectivityManager, you can request the mobile (cellular) network information by using the getNetworkInfo() method:

NetworkInfo netlnfo =


The NetworkInfo class ( has a number of methods for retrieving important information about the network state, including whether the network is available, connected, and roaming:

boolean isMobileAvail = netInfo.isAvailable(); boolean isMobileConn = netInfo.isConnected(); boolean isRoamingConn = netInfo.isRoaming();

The NetworkInfo class also has many other methods for determining fine-grained network status information. These can be read about in the documentation.

Checking Server Availability Programmatically

Even if a network is available and connected, there is no guarantee that the remote server you want to communicate with is accessible from the network. However, ConnectivityManager has a handy method called requestRouteToHost() that allows you to attempt to validate traffic, using a given network type (for example, mobile network, Wi-Fi) and IP address is possible.

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