Cheap and Easy Development

If there's one time when "cheap and easy" is a benefit, it's with mobile development. Wireless application development, with its ridiculously expensive compilers and preferential developer programs, has been notoriously expensive to break into compared to desktop development. Here, Android breaks the proprietary mold. Unlike with other mobile platforms, there are virtually no costs to developing Android applications.

The Android SDK and tools are freely available on the Android developer website, The freely available Eclipse program has become the most popular integrated development environment (IDE) for Android application development; there is also a powerful plug-in available on the Android developer site for facilitating Android development.

So we've covered cheap; now let's talk about why Android development is easy. Because Android applications are written in Java, developers will be familiar with many of the packages provided as part of the Android SDK, such as Developers will be pleased to find that the learning curve for Android is quite reasonable.

So let's get started!

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