This book would never have been written without the guidance and encouragement we received from a number of very patient and supportive people, including our editorial team, coworkers, friends, and family.

Throughout this project, our editorial team at Pearson (Sams Publishing) was top notch. Special thanks go to Trina MacDonald, Olivia Basegio, and Betsy Harris. Our fantastic technical reviewer, Jonathan Jackson, helped us ensure that this book provides true, correct, and high-quality technical information. Finally, we'd like to thank many of our friends and family members who supported us during some difficult times, when we needed to make our book deadlines despite a very serious family illness that required us to write the book from Grandma's kitchen table. (Yes, you can develop Android apps anywhere.) We would like to specifically single out Liz Reid, Guy Grayson, the Lenz family (especially Thomas and Patrick), Shoshi Brown and family (especially Jacob), the Badger family (especially Wi-Vi and Nolia), Richard deCastongrene, Asher Siddiqui, Anthony Shaffer, Spencer Nassar, and Mary Thompson for their support and encouragement.

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