Click HERE to Vts* the Ur»versal U56 Installer Page for additlcoai HELP


H^Universal USB Installer» • IS it r Step 1 j TfôMm^ittf Linux

Universal USB Installer vl.7.2 Setup

Selup you, Selections Page ^HHiP^S

Choose a Lmux Dlstro, ISO/ZIP file and, your USB Flash Drive. /»

Step 1; Select a Linux Distribution from the dropdown to put on your USB. Ubuntu 10.04 Desktop i3S6 vj j WeFcwrfanil 5ele

Step 2 DONE: ubuntu-10.04-deskJtop-i386.iso Found and Selected!

|C:\Oocuroente and SeftngsUQ.Q4-deskt0p-<386.tf0 |

Step 3: 5elect your USB Flash Drive

Step 4: Select a Persistence Option for your USB (Optional).

No Persistence

Mo Persistence 1GB Casper-RW 2GB Casper-RW 3GB Caspei -RW

4GB Casper-RW

-liver sd U5B In staler Page for additional HELP

Create ] [ Cancel

S5JMUSB«« ' £ rstep 4j TiiL^mw^mmmtfi Persistence;^ > äA3£ü4GB °

Language Text

Language for mentis and windows: English (United States)


Drag languages to arrange them In order of preference Changes take effect next time you log In.

Apply System-Wide...

Uses the same language choices for startup and the login sere

I install / Remove Languages^]

Keyboard input method system: I I ▼

if S? —T r Install / Remove Languages j M^^^x^® °

When a language is installed, individual users can choose it in their Language settings.



Chinese. Min Nan

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