Versioning Your Applications

Versioning is a critical component of your application upgrade/maintenance strategy.

• Users need to have specific information about the application version that is installed on their devices and the upgrade versions available for installation.

• Other applications — including other applications that you publish as a suite — need to query the system for your application's version, to determine compatibility and identify dependencies.

• Services through which you will publish your application(s) may also need to query your application for its version, so that they can display the version to users. A publishing service may also need to check the application version to determine compatibility and establish upgrade/downgrade relationships.

The Android system itself does not ever check the application version information for an application, such as to enforce restrictions on upgrades, compatibility, and so on. Instead, only users or applications themselves are responsible for enforcing any version restrictions for applications themselves.

The Android system does check any system version compatibility expressed by an application in its manifest, in the minSdkversion attribute. This allows an application to specify the minimum system API with which is compatible. For more information see Specifying Minimum System API Version.

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