Here are some tips and tricks for common Android errors. Don't forget to use the ddms logcat capability to get a deeper view when errors occur. See Debugging for more debugging tips.

ADT Installation Error: "requires plug-in org.eclipse.wst.sse.ui". ADB reports "no device" when an emulator is running My new application/activity isn't showing up in the device application list I updated my app, but the updates don't seem to be showing up on the device

I'm getting a "Binary XML file line #2: You must supply a layout wilih attribute" error when I start an application

My request to (make a call, catch an incoming SMS, receive a notification, send an intent to an Android application) is being ignored

Help! My project won't build in Eclipse

Eclipse isn't talking to the emulator

When I go to preferences in Eclipse and select "Android", I get the following error message: Unsupported major.minor version 49.0.

I can't install ApiDemos apps in my IDE because of a signing error I can't compile my app because the build tools generated an expired debug certificate

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