<style name=string [parent=string] >

<item name=string>Hex value I string value I reference</item>+ </style>

Holds one or more <item> elements, each describing one value. This style, which is a bundle of values, can be referred to as a theme.

• name - The name used in referring to this theme.

• parent - An optional parent theme. All values from the specified theme will be inherited into this theme. Any values with identical names that you specify will override inherited values. The name must be qualified by the package, but you don't need the /style directive (for example, android:Theme for the base Android theme, or MyTheme for a theme defined in your package).

A value to use in this theme. It can be a standard string, a hex color value, or a reference to any other resource type.

For examples of how to declare and apply styles and themes, read Applying Styles and Themes. " Back to Resources and Assets ! Go to top

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