Resource values

Some attributes have values that can be displayed to users — for example, a label and an icon for an activity. The values of these attributes should be localized and therefore set from a resource or theme. Resource values are expressed in the following format,

@[package:]type:name where the package name can be omitted if the resource is in the same package as the application, type is a type of resource — such as "string" or "drawable" — and name is the name that identifies the specific resource. For example:

<activity android:icon="@drawable/smallPic" . . . >

Values from a theme are expressed in a similar manner, but with an initial '?' rather than ?[package:]type:name String values

Where an attribute value is a string, double backslashes ('\\') must be used to escape characters — for example, '\\n' for a newline or '\\uxxxx' for a Unicode character.

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