Moving an AVD

If you want to move or rename an AVD, you can do so using this command:

android move avd -n <name> [-<option> <value>] ...

The options for this command are listed in Command-line options for AVDs at the bottom of this page. Updating an AVD

If, for any reason, the platform/add-on root folder has its name changed (maybe because the user has installed an update of the platform/add-on) then the AVD will not be able to load the system image that it is mapped to. In this case, the android list targets command will produce this output:

The following Android Virtual Devices could not be loaded: Name: foo

Path: <path>/.android/avd/foo.avd

Error: Invalid value in image.sysdir. Run 'android update avd -n foo'

To fix this error, use the android update avd command to recompute the path to the system images.

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