Listing of logcat Command Options



-b <buffer>

Loads an alternate log buffer for viewing, such as event or radio. The main buffer is used by default. See Viewing Alternative Log Buffers.


Clears (flushes) the entire log and exits.


Dumps the log to the screen and exits.

f <filename>

Writes log message output to <filename>. The default is stdout.


Prints the size of the specified log buffer and exits.

-n <count>

Sets the maximum number of rotated logs to <count>. The default value is 4. Requires the -r option.

-r <kbytes>

Rotates the log file every <kbytes> of output. The default value is 16. Requires the -f option.


Sets the default filter spec to silent.

-v <format>

Sets the output format for log messages. The default is brief format. For a list of supported formats, see Controlling Log Output Format.

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