Think I found malicious software being distributed for Android How can I help

Like any other open platform, it will be possible for unethical developers to create malicious software, known as malware, for Android. If you think somebody is trying to spread malware, please let us know at [email protected]. Please include as much detail about the application as possible, with the location it is being distributed from and why you suspect it of being malicious software.

The term malicious software is subjective, and we cannot make an exhaustive definition. Some examples of what the Android Security Team believes to be malicious software is any application that:

• drains the device's battery very quickly;

• shows the user unsolicited messages (especially messages urging the user to buy something);

• resists (or attempts to resist) the user's effort to uninstall it;

• attempts to automatically spread itself to other devices;

• hides its files and/or processes;

• discloses the user's private information to a third party, without the user's knowledge and consent;

• destroys the user's data (or the device itself) without the user's knowledge and consent;

• impersonates the user (such as by sending email or buying things from a web store) without the user's knowledge and consent; or

• otherwise degrades the user's experience with the device.

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