Help My project wont build in Eclipse

If your project doesn't build, you may notice symptoms such as new resources added in the res/ sub-folders not showing up in the R class, the emulator not being started, not being able to run the application, or even seeming to run an old version of the application.

To troubleshoot these types of problems, first try:

1. Switch to the DDMS view in Eclipse (if you don't already have it open):

a. From the menu select Window > Open Perspective > Other b. Select DDMS from the list and hit OK

2. In the Devices panel (top right panel by default), click on the down triangle to bring up the panel menu

3. Select Reset adb from the menu, and then try running the application again

If the above still doesn't work, you can try these steps:

1. Check the console and problems tabs at the bottom of the Eclipse UI

2. If there are problems listed in either place, they should give you a clue what is wrong

3. If you aren't sure if the problems are fresh or stale, clear the console with a right click > Clear, then clean the project

4. To clean the project (a good idea with any kind of build error), select Project > Clean from the eclipse main menu, then select the project you are working on (or clean all)

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