File Explorer

With the File Explorer, you can view the device file system and perform basic management, like pushing and pulling files. This circumvents using the adb push and pull commands, with a GUI experience.

With DDMS open, select Device > File Explorer... to open the File Explorer window. You can drag-and-drop into the device directories, but cannot drag out of them. To copy files from the device, select the file and click the Pull File from Device button in the toolbar. To delete files, use the Delete button in the toolbar.

If you're interested in using an SD card image on the emulator, you're still required to use the mksdcard command to create an image, and then mount it during emulator bootup. For example, from the /tools directory, execute:

$ mksdcard 1024M ./img $ emulator -sdcard ./img

Now, when the emulator is running, the DDMS File Explorer will be able to read and write to the sdcard directory. However, your files may not appear automatically. For example, if you add an MP3 file to the sdcard, the media player won't see them until you restart the emulator. (When restarting the emulator from command line, be sure to mount the sdcard again.)

For more information on creating an SD card image, see the Other Tools document.

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