Key-value pairs for additional information that should be delivered to the component handling the intent. Just as some actions are paired with particular kinds of data URIs, some are paired with particular extras. For example, an action_timezone_changed intent has a "time-zone" extra that identifies the new time zone, and action_headset_plug has a "state" extra indicating whether the headset is now plugged in or unplugged, as well as a "name" extra for the type of headset. If you were to invent a show_color action, the color value would be set in an extra key-value pair.

The Intent object has a series of put...() methods for inserting various types of extra data and a similar set of get...() methods for reading the data. These methods parallel those for Bundle objects. In fact, the extras can be installed and read as a Bundle using the putExtras() and getExtras() methods.

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