Essential Tools

When developing in IDEs or editors other than Eclipse, you'll require familiarity with the following Android SDK tools: android

To create/update Android projects and to create/move/delete AVDs.

Android Emulator

To run your Android applications on an emulated Android platform.

Android Debug Bridge

To interface with your emulator or connected device (install apps, shell the device, issue commands, etc.). In addition to the above tools, included with the SDK, you'll use the following open source and third-party tools: Ant

To compile and build your Android project into an installable .apk file. Keytool

To generate a keystore and private key, used to sign your .apk file.

Jarsigner (or similar signing tool)

To sign your .apk file with a private key generated by keytool.

In the topics that follow, you'll be introduced to each of these tools as necessary. For more advanced operations, please read the respective documentation for each tool.

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