Dont Overload a Single Activity Screen

Any application worth using will probably have several different screens. When designing the screens of your UI, be sure to make use of multiple Activity object instances.

Depending on your development background, you may interpret an Activity as similar to something like a Java Applet, in that it is the entry point for your application. However, that's not quite accurate: where an Applet subclass is the single entry point for a Java Applet, an Activity should be thought of as one of potentially several entry points to your application. The only difference between your "main" Activity and any others you might have is that the "main" one just happens to be the only one that expressed an interest in the "android.intent.action.MAIN" action in your AndroidManifest..xml file.

So, when designing your application, think of your application as a federation of Activity objects. This will make your code a lot more maintainable in the long run, and as a nice side effect also plays nicely with Android's application history and "backstack" model.

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