Creating a Progress Dialog

A ProgressDialog is an extension of the AlertDialog class that can display a progress animation in the form of a spinning wheel, for a task with progress that's

undefined, or a progress bar, for a task that has a defined progression. The dialog can also provide buttons, such as one to cancel a download.

Opening a progress dialog can be as simple as calling ProgressDialog.showO. For example, the progress dialog shown to the right can be easily achieved without managing the dialog through the onCreateDialog(int) callback, as shown here:

ProgressDialog dialog =, "",

The first parameter is the application Context, the second is a title for the dialog (left empty), the third is the message, and the last parameter is whether the progress is indeterminate (this is only relevant when creating a progress bar, which is discussed in the next section).

The default style of a progress dialog is the spinning wheel. If you want to create a progress bar that shows the loading progress with granularity, some more code is required, as discussed in the next section.

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