A string containing additional information about the kind of component that should handle the intent. Any number of category descriptions can be placed in an Intent object. As it does for actions, the Intent class defines several category constants, including these:




The target activity can be safely invoked by the browser to display data referenced by a link — for example, an image or an e-mail message.


The activity can be embedded inside of another activity that hosts gadgets.


The activity displays the home screen, the first screen the user sees when the device is turned on or when the HOME key is pressed.


The activity can be the initial activity of a task and is listed in the top-level application launcher.


The target activity is a preference panel.

See the Intent class description for the full list of categories.

The addCategory() method places a category in an Intent object, removeCategory() deletes a category previously added, and getCategories() gets the set of all categories currently in the object.

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