Basic Setup for Signing

To support the generation of a keystore and debug key, you should first make sure that Keytool is available to the SDK build tools. In most cases, you can tell the SDK build tools how to find Keytool by making sure that your JAVA_HOME environment variable is set and that it references a suitable JDK. Alternatively, you can add the JDK version of Keytool to your PATH variable.

If you are developing on a version of Linux that originally came with GNU Compiler for Java, make sure that the system is using the JDK version of Keytool, rather than the gcj version. If Keytool is already in your PATH, it might be pointing to a symlink at /usr/bin/keytool. In this case, check the symlink target to make sure that it points to the Keytool in the JDK.

If you will release your application to the public, you will also need to have the Jarsigner tool available on your machine. Both Jarsigner and Keytool are included in the JDK.

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