ADT Installation Error requires plugin orgeclipsewstsseui

The "Android Editors" feature of the ADT Plugin requires specific Eclipse components, such as WST. If you encounter this error message during ADT installation, you need to install the required Eclipse components and then try the ADT installation again. Follow the steps below to install the required components for the Android Editors feature, based on the version of Eclipse that you are using.

Eclipse 3.3 (Europa) Eclipse 3.4 (Ganymede)

1. From the dialog where you select the Update 1. Select Help > Software Updates...

sites to visit, select the checkboxes for both the 2. Select the Installed Software tab. ADT site, and the Callisto/Europa/Ganymede

Discovery Site (you may want to check 3. Click Update—

Automatically select mirrors at the bottom). 4. If an update for ADT is available, select it and

2. Click Finish. click Finish.

3. In the Next dialog, select the Android Plugins.

4. Now, expand the tree item of the discovery site. It seems that if you don't do it, it doesn't load the content of the discovery site.

5. On the right, click Select required. This will select all the components that are required to install the Android plugin (wst, emf, etc...).

6. Click Next, accept the agreement, click Install

All, and restart Eclipse.

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