Adding records

To add a new record to a content provider, first set up a map of key-value pairs in a ContentValues object, where each key matches the name of a column in the content provider and the value is the desired value for the new record in that column. Then call ContentResolver.insertn and pass it the URI of the provider and the ContentValues map. This method returns the full URI of the new record — that is, the provider's URI with the appended ID for the new record. You can then use this URI to query and get a Cursor over the new record, and to further modify the record. Here's an example:

import android.provider.Contacts.People; import android.content.ContentResolver; import android.content.ContentValues;

ContentValues values = new ContentValues();

// Add Abraham Lincoln to contacts and make him a favorite. values.put(People.NAME, "Abraham Lincoln"); // 1 = the new contact is added to favorites // 0 = the new contact is not added to favorites values.put(People.STARRED, 1);

Uri uri = getContentResolver().insert(People.CONTENT_URI, values);

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