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It is often convenient to use the command line to access the Android device. This is possible when it is connected to a computer using the USB cable. The Android Debug Bridge, which comes with the SDK, can be used to access the Android device. For example, to log into the Android device as if it were a Linux computer, type the following:

> adb shell

Then, many UNIX commands are usable on the device. Use exit to exit the shell. A single command can be appended to this to be executed without needing to enter and exit the shell:

> adb shell mkdir /sdcard/app_bkup/

To copy files off the device, use pull and rename it as needed:

> adb pull /system/app/VoiceSearchWithKeyboard.apk VSwithKeyboard.apk

To copy a file onto the device, use push:

> adb push VSwithKeyboard.apk /sdcard/app_bkup/

To delete an application, for example, from the device, type the following:

> adb uninstall

These commands are the most commonly used, but more are available. Some additional commands are introduced in Chapter 12.

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