Using Google Maps

Google maps can be used on the Android system in two ways: user access through a browser and application access through the Google Maps Application Programming Interface (API).The MapView class is a wrapper around the Google Maps API.To use MapView, the following setup is needed:

1. Download and install the Google API's Software Development Kit (SDK):

1. Use the Android SDK and Android Virtual Device (AVD) manager in Eclipse to download the Google API.

2. Right-click the project that uses the API, and then select Properties.

3. Select Android, and then select Google API to enable it for this project.

2. Obtain a valid Maps API key to use the Google Maps service (see http://code.

1. Use the keytool command to generate an MD5 certificate fingerprint for the key alias_name:

> keytool -list -alias alias_name -keystore my.keystore

> result:(Certificate fingerprint (MD5):

2. Use the MD5 keystore to sign up for the Google Maps service at

3. A Maps API key is provided upon signup. Use this key with MapView.

3. Include <uses-library android:name="" /> in the AndroidManifest.xml file to inform the Android system that the application uses the library from the Google API's SDK.

4. Add the android.permission.INTERNET permission to the AndroidManifest.xml file so the application is allowed to use the Internet to receive data from the Google Maps service.

5. Include a MapView in the layout XML file.

More specifically, the two supporting files needed for a Google Maps activity are as follows. First, the AndroidManifest XML file needs the proper maps library and permissions, as shown in Listing 10.8.

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