UI techniques

3D images, drawing, 140-145 buttons adding, 36-37

adding to table layouts, 102-105 defined, 101 check boxes creating, 105-109 defined, 101

controlling width and height of UI

elements, 86-88 drop-down menus, creating, 110-112 event handlers/event listeners building menus, 121-125 defining menus in XML, 126-127 explained, 117

intercepting physical key presses, 117-121

listening for fling gestures, 130-132 multitouch, 133-136 reacting to touch events, 128-130 utilizing SEARCH key, 127 layouts building in Eclipse Editor, 83-85

declaring programmatically, 90-91

setting relative layout and layout ID, 89-90

updating from separate threads, 92-94 progress bars creating, 112-114 defined, 101 radio buttons creating, 108-110 defined, 101 resource directories list of, 79

specifying alterate resources, 81-82 seek bars creating, 114-116 defined, 102 spinners, 101 text manipulation creating forms, 100-101 providing text entry, 98-100 setting and changing text attributes, 95-98 TextView attributes, 94-95 TextView, 36-37 UI attributes, 80 UI libraries gesture libraries, 136-138 Open Graphics Library for Embedded Systems (OpenGL ES), 140-145

ViewGroups, 82 views explained, 82 RelativeLayout, 89-90 uniform resource identifiers (URIs), 44 Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs), 244 update() method, 245 UpdateAndList activity, 215-219 updates, managing in Android Market, 21-22 updating layouts from separate threads, 92-94 location upon change, 254-256 paths, 165 upgrading Android SDK, 14-15 URIs (uniform resource identifiers), 44, 244 user input methods, 9 UserDictionary, 244 usertimelinerow.xml file, 213

Character Building Thought Power

Character Building Thought Power

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