With Apple's introduction of the iPad,Android manufacturers were expected to introduce tablet computers of their own. A tablet computer is loosely defined as having a screen of 4.8 inches or larger and Wi-Fi connectivity. Because many have 3G wireless service, they tend to be more like smartphones with large screens.

Archos was one of the first to market an Android tablet in late 2009. It has a diagonal screen size of 4.8 inches and is called the Archos 5.Archos has since introduced a 7-inch model called the Archos 7.These models come with an actual hard drive for more data storage. Dell has also introduced a 5-inch tablet called the Streak with plans for both a 7-inch and a 10-inch screen size model. Samsung offers the Galaxy Tab with a 7-inch screen. One downside is the inability for many of these tablets to access the Android Market, although that should soon change. A comparison of some tablet computer models is shown in Table 1.2.

Table 1.2 Comparison of Representative Android Tablet Computers


Archos 5



800-MHz TI OMAP 3440

RAM/ disk

256MB/ 8GB


TFT LCD 4.8 inches 800x480

Other Features

802.11b/g/n, FM radio

Archos 7 (June 2010)

600-MHz Rockchip RK2808

128MB/ 8GB

TFT LCD 7 inches 800x480


Dell Streak (June 2010)

Samsung Galaxy Tablet GT-P1000 (September 2010)

1-GHz QCOM Snapdragon

1-GHz Samsung Hummingbird

256MB/ 512MB

512MB/ 16GB

TFT LCD 5 inches 800x480

TFT LCD 7 inches 1024x600

GSM/UMTS, BT2.1, 802.11b/g, 5-MP camera, 0.3-MP front-facing camera AGPS, geotagging


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