Recipe Using Device Vibration

Device vibration is a common feature in all cellular phones.To control vibration on an Android device, a permission must be defined in the AndroidManifest XML file: <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.VIBRATE" />

Then, using the device vibrator is just another Android system service provided by the framework. It can be accessed using the Vibrator class:

Vibrator myVib = (Vibrator) getSystemService(Context.VIBRATOR_SERVICE);

With a Vibrator instance, just call the vibrate() method to start device vibration: myVib.vibrate(3000); //vibrate for 3 seconds

If needed, the cancel() method can be used to stop a vibration before it finishes: myVib.cancel(); //cancel the vibration

It is also possible to vibrate a rhythmic pattern. This is specified as a vibration-pause sequence. For example:

long[] pattern = {2000,1000,5000}; myVib.vibrate(pattern,1);

This causes the device to wait for 2 seconds, and then start a pattern of vibrating for 1 second, pausing for 5 seconds indefinitely. The second argument to the vibrate() method means the index into the pattern to start repeating at.This can be set to -1 to cause no repeat of the pattern at all.

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