Recipe Canceling a Thread

Sometimes when a component is finished or killed, the developer wants the threads it spawns to also be killed. For example, take a thread defined in an activity:

private volatile Thread myThread;

The myThread.stop() method is deprecated because it might leave the application in an unpredictable state. Instead, use the following when needed, such as in the onStop() method of the parent component:

//use to stop the thread myThread if(myThread != null) {

Thread dummy = myThread; myThread = null; dummy.interrupt();

At the application level, there is another way to do this: Declare all spawned threads as daemon threads using the setDaemon(true) method.This ensures threads associated with that application are killed when the application's main thread is killed.

//use when initially starting a thread myThread.setDaemon(true);


Finally, there is always the method of using a while(stillRunning) loop in the run() method and externally setting stillRunning=false to kill the thread. However, this might not provide sufficient control over the timing of when the thread stops.

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