Recipe Adding Media and Updating Paths

After an application creates a newly recorded audio file, it can be registered with the system as available for use.This is done using the MediaStore class. For example, after an audio file myFile is saved, Listing 6.11 shows how to register it as a possible ringtone, notification, and alarm, but not to be seen by an MP3 player (because IS_MUSIC is false).

Listing 6.11 Example of Registering an Audio File to the System

//reload MediaScanner to search for media and update paths sendBroadcast(new Intent(Intent.ACTION_MEDIA_MOUNTED, Uri.parse("file://"

+ Environment.getExternalStorageDirectory()))); ContentValues values = new ContentValues();

values.put(MediaStore.MediaColumns.DATA, myFile.getAbsolutePath()); values.put(MediaStore.MediaColumns.TITLE, myFile.getName()); values.put(MediaStore.MediaColumns.TIMESTAMP,

System.currentTimeMillis()); values.put(MediaStore.MediaColumns.MIME_TYPE, recorder.getMimeContentType()); values.put(MediaStore.Audio.Media.ARTIST, SOME_ARTIST_HERE); values.put(MediaStore.Audio.Media.IS_RINGTONE, true); values.put(MediaStore.Audio.Media.IS_NOTIFICATION, true); values.put(MediaStore.Audio.Media.IS_ALARM, true); values.put(MediaStore.Audio.Media.IS_MUSIC, false); ContentResolver contentResolver = new ContentResolver(); Uri base = MediaStore.Audio.INTERNAL_CONTENT_URI; Uri newUri = contentResolver.insert(base, values); String path = contentResolver.getDataFilePath(newUri);

Here ContentValues is used to declare some standard properties of the file, such as TITLE, TIMESTAMP, and MIME_TYPE, and ContentResolver is used to create an entry in the MediaStore content database with the file's path automatically added.

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