packages explained, 28-30 renaming, 30 pairing with bonded Bluetooth devices, 188 passing primitive data types between activities, 46-49

paths, updating, 165 pauseMP() method, 155 permission element, 287-288 permissions


permission, 252 ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION

permission, 252 declaring and enforcing, 287-288 personal diary, creating, 239-242 phone numbers, dialing, 185 phone states, listening for, 183-185 PhoneStateListener class, 183-185 PhysicalKeyPress activity, 119-121 PictureCallback() method, 171 play_music() function, 51 PlayGame activity, 38-39, 48-49 playing audio, 154-157

ring-tone songs on button press,

51-55 video, 166-167 populate() method, 269 portrait mode, forcing, 34 preferences, shared. See shared preferences preferences framework, 222-225 preferences.xml file, 223 PressAndPlay activity, 54-55 primitive data types, passing between activities, 46-49

priorities, setting, 57 ProcessResponse() method, 206 Profile Panel (Hierarchy Viewer), 312 ProgrammaticLayout activity, 91 progress bars creating, 112-114 defined, 101

projects creating, 24

directory structure, 26-28 renaming, 30 Properties View (Hierarchy Viewer), 310-311 protectionLevel attribute, 288 proximity alerts, setting up, 274-275 ps command, 313 publishing, 18 put() method, 222 Pyramid activity, 140-141 PyramidRenderer activity, 142-144

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