Overview of Android

The Android operating system (OS) has come a long way since the announcement of the Open Handset Alliance in late 2007.The idea of an open source OS for embedded systems was not new, but Google aggressively backing it definitely has helped push Android to the forefront in just a few years.

Many wireless carriers in multiple countries across various communication protocols have one or more Android phones available. Other embedded devices, such as tablets, net-books, televisions, set-top boxes, and even automobiles, have also adopted the Android OS.

This chapter discusses various general aspects of Android useful for a developer. It provides a foundation for the creation of Android applications and a context for the recipes in the rest of this book.

Character Building Thought Power

Character Building Thought Power

Character-Building Thought Power by Ralph Waldo Trine. Ralph draws a distinct line between bad and good habits. In this book, every effort is made by the writer to explain what comprises good habits and why every one needs it early in life. It draws the conclusion that habits nurtured in early life concretize into impulses in future for the good or bad of the subject.

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