Listing 117 IAdditional Serviceaidl under the comcookbookadvancerpc

package com.cookbook.advance.rpc;

// Declare the interface. interface IAdditionService {

int factorial(in int value);

After the AIDL file is created, Eclipse generates an file under the gen/ folder when the project is built.The contents of this file should not be modified. It contains a stub class that is needed to implement the remote service.

Inside the first activity, rpcService, an mBinder member is declared as the stub from the IAdditionalService. It can also be interpreted as an IBinder. In the onCreate() method, the mBinder is initiated and defined to call the factorial() function. During the onBind(), it returns mBinder to the caller. After the onBind() is ready, the other process activities are able to connect to the service.This is shown in Listing 11.8.

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