landscape mode, forcing, 34 last location, retrieving, 253-254 launching activities from events, 37-40

activities with implicit intents, 44

secondary threads, 51-55

services based on broadcasted events, 70-72

Layout View (Hierarchy Viewer), 310-311 layouts building in Eclipse Editor, 83-85 controlling width and height of UI

elements, 86-88 declaring programmatically, 90-91 setting relative layout and layout ID, 89-90

updating from separate threads, 92-94 widgets. See widgets

LBS (Location-Based Services)

explained, 251 Google Maps adding markers on maps, 267-271 adding to applications, 265-266 adding views to maps, 271-274 configuring, 263-265 Maps API key, 263 marking device's current location on map, 274 setting up proximity alerts, 274-275 listing enabled providers, 256-258 Location class, 251 LocationListener, 251 LocationManager, 251 retrieving last location, 253-254 translating addresses to locations, 261-262 translating locations to addresses, 258-260

updating location upon change, 254-256

LCD (liquid crystal displays), 8

LED (light-emitting diodes), 8

libraries gesture libraries, 136-138 Open Graphics Library for Embedded Systems (OpenGL ES), 140-145 license agreements adding, 228-232 Android Market, 19 lifecycle of activities, 30-33

forcing screen orientation, 34 forcing single task mode, 33-34

saving and restoring activity information, 34-35

of broadcast receivers, 70

of services, 64-65

light sensors, 179-180 light-emitting diodes (LED), 8 Linux utilities, lack of support for, 2 liquid crystal displays (LCD), 8 LIS331DLH, 10 ListActivity, 43-44 ListActivityExample, 44-46


method, 188 ListFiles activity, 151-152, 154 listing enabled providers, 256-258 lists, implementing, 43-44 LiveFolders database, 244 LM3530, 10 loading files, 249-250 images, 148-153 loading.xml file, 63 loadLibrary() method, 286 loadURL() method, 204 Location class, 251 Location Control (DDMS), 305 Location-Based Services. See LBS (Location-

Based Services) LocationListener, 251 LocationListener interface, 254-256 LocationManager, 251

locations. See LBS (Location-Based Services) LogCat, 305, 307-309

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