Improving App Visibility

Users find applications in three different ways. Catering to these methods helps to increase visibility for an application.

The first way users see an app is by choosing to list the "Just in" apps. Choose a good descriptive name for the application and place it in an appropriate category, such as Games or Communication. Keep the description simple and to the point to get more views.The Games category is over laden with apps, so there are sub-categories. If the app is fun but has no score or goal, consider the Entertainment category. Even so, with over 10,000 applications uploaded to the Android Market each month, an uploaded application is pushed off the "Just in" list within a day or two.

The second way users see an app is by keyword search. Determine the essential keywords users might use and include those in either the title or description of the app. Some users might speak a different language, so including appropriate international keywords can help.

The third way users see an app is by choosing the "Top" apps.This is a combination of the highest rating and the most downloads. To get in this category takes time and effort with possible updates to fix bugs. This points to the last consideration for app visibility:

robustness. Ensure the app does not contain major bugs, does not waste excessive battery, and has a foolproof way to exit the application. Nothing turns off a potential customer more than seeing reviews that say,"This app uses all of my battery," or,"I can't uninstall this app."

One side note to mention: Almost all interactions between the developer and users are done through the Android Market. Providing developer contact information or a supporting website is often superfluous, as people browsing the mobile market rarely use it.

Character Building Thought Power

Character Building Thought Power

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