Image Manipulation activity 149150 images

Android images, 3 animation creating, 299-302 frame-by-frame animation, 298 Tween animation, 298-299

BitmapFactory class, 148

loading for manipulation, 148-153

implicit intents

ACTION_CALL implicit intent, 185

ACTION_DIALER implicit intent, 185

launching activities with, 44-46 initializations, handling time-consuming initializations, 62-64 initializeArrays() function, 63 initService() method, 291 insert() method, 245 insertdiary() method, 232 installing Android SDK, 14-15 integrating with Twitter, 210

AndroidManifest.xml file, 211 login.xml file, 211-212 main.xml file, 211-212 usertimelinerow.xml file, 213

intent-filter element, 29

intercepting physical key presses, 117-121


CallBack, 172 LocationListener, 254-256 OnClickListener, 130 OnGestureListener, 130 SharedPreferences. See shared preferences inter-process communication (IPC), 288-294 IPC (inter-process communication), 58, 288294

isRouteDisplayed() method, 265 ItemizedOverlay class, 267

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