Figure 4.8 Text entry with soft keyboard.

By using android:inputType="phone" or ="textEmailAddress", the soft keyboard for phone number entry or the soft keyboard for email address entry display when the user selects the Input window. These are shown in Figure 4.9 with appropriately changed hint text.

I Type


2 abc

3 def


4 g hi

5 jkl

6 mno

7 pros

8 tuv

9 wxyz


* # (

0 +



Figure 4.9 Examples of utilizing different soft keyboards when inputText is set as "phone" or "textEmailAddress".

One more note:The text entry method can be specified as shown in Table 4.4 to automatically capitalize each sentence as typed, automatically correct mistyped words, or turn off word suggestions during typing. Control over these choices might be useful depending on the text entry situation.

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