Galaxy S (Samsung), 6 Galaxy Tab, 7 game.xml file, 39

GDB (GNU project DeBugger), 315-316 Geocoder class, 258-261 geocoding, 261-262 gestures, 11

fling gestures, listening for, 130-132 Gesture Builder application, 137

Gestures activity, 139-140 libraries, 136-138

getActiveNetworkInfo() method, 192 getCount() method, 240 getDefault() method, 195 getDefaultAdapter() method, 186 getdiaries() method, 233 getFromLocationName() method, 261 getHomeTimeline() method, 215 getIntExtra method, 48 getItem() method, 240 getItemID() method, 240 getLastKnownLocation() method, 253 getMyLocation() method, 274 getNetworkInfo() method, 192 getOrientation() method, 177, 274 getOriginatingAddress() method, 200 getOverlays() method, 269 getPixel() method, 148 getPreferences() method, 222 getProvider() method, 252 getRotationMatrix() method, 176 getSensorList() method, 176 getSharedPreferences() method, 222 getStringExtra method, 48 getType() method, 245 getView() method, 240 Gist, Inc., 210

GNU project DeBugger (GDB), 315-316 Google Android Market. See Android Market Google Asynchronous Javascript And XML

(AJAX), 205 Google Maps adding markers on maps, 267-271 adding to applications, 265-266 adding views to maps, 271-274 configuring, 263-265

Maps API key, 263

marking device's current location on map, 274

setting up proximity alerts, 274-275 Google TV, 8

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