File Saving and Loading

In addition to the Android-specific data storage methods mentioned previously, the standard Java package is available, too.This provides for flat file manipulation, such as FileInputStream, FileOutputStream, InputStream, and OutputStream.An example is reading from and writing to a file:

FileInputStream fis = openFileInput("myfile.txt"); FileOutputStream fos = openFileOutput("myfile.txt",


Another example is saving the bitmap camera picture to a PNG file, as follows: Bitmap takenPicture;

FileOutputStream out = openFileOutput("mypic.png",

Context.MODE_WORLD_WRITEABLE); takenPicture.compress(CompressFormat.PNG, 100, out); out.flush(); out.close();

The files in the resources directories can also be opened. For example, to open myrawfile.txt located in the res/raw folder, use the following:

InputStream is = this.getResource()


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