Android Native Components

When a computationally intensive function is critical to an Android application, it might be worthwhile to move the intensive computation to native C or C++ for efficiency. The Android NDK exists to help in the development of a native component.The NDK is a companion to the Android Software Development Kit (SDK) and includes a bundle of libraries that can be used to build C/C++ libraries. Steps to set up and build an Android native component are

1. Download the Android NDK from, which includes detailed documents on usage.

2. Create an Android project through the normal means under the NDK directory.

3. Create a jni/ folder under the project created in step 2.

4. Create the necessary C/C++ program files under the jni/ folder.

5. Create an make file.

6. Run the build script (ndk-build for NDK-r4) from the project directory.

7. Inside the Android Java project, import the library and call the native functions.

Using the Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE), the native libraries are properly bundled with the application upon build.

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