Advanced Android Development

This chapter is a collection of advanced techniques that are useful to make an application more robust, faster, and in some cases, to improve the user interface. First, an example of customizing an Android standard view is shown.Then, the Native Development Kit (NDK) is introduced as a method for reducing overhead and improving time on complex computations. Android security is then discussed. Next, a way to do inter-process communication between two different processes is presented. This is followed by data backup to the cloud, which is a feature introduced in Android 2.2. Finally, some techniques for user interface animation are shown.

Character Building Thought Power

Character Building Thought Power

Character-Building Thought Power by Ralph Waldo Trine. Ralph draws a distinct line between bad and good habits. In this book, every effort is made by the writer to explain what comprises good habits and why every one needs it early in life. It draws the conclusion that habits nurtured in early life concretize into impulses in future for the good or bad of the subject.

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