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Why "Dalvik"? - The Dalvik virtual machine was named by Bornstein after the fishing village of Dalvik in Eyjafióráur (Iceland), where some of his ancestors lived.

As you may have heard of, Dalvik is the name of Android's virtual machine. It is an interpreter-only virtual machine that executes files in the Dalvik Executable (*.dex) format, a format that is optimized for efficient storage and memory-mappable execution. The virtual machine is register-based, and it can run classes compiled by a Java language compiler that have been transformed into its native format using the included "dx" tool. The VM runs on top of a Linux 2.6 kernel, which it relies on for underlying functionality (such as threading and low level memory management). The DalvikVM was also optimized to be running in multiple instances with a very low memory-footprint. Several VMs protect ones application from being dragged down by another crashed Application.

Differences to a normal JavaVM

JavaVM's one can find on almost any desktop computer nowadays are Stack-based Virtual Machines (VM).The DalvikVM on the other hand is register based, because on mobile-processors are optimized for register-based execution. Also of register-based VMs allow faster execution times at the expense of programs which are larger after compilation.

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