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Why is Eclipse the recommended IDE for Android applications? There are a few reasons for this particular endorsement:

• In keeping with the Open Handset Alliance's theme of truly opening the mobile development market, Eclipse is one of the most fully featured, free, Java IDEs available. Eclipse is also very easy to use, with a minimal learning curve. This makes Eclipse a very attractive IDE for solid, open Java development.

• The Open Handset Alliance has released an Android plugin for Eclipse that allows you to create Android-specific projects, compile them, and use the Android Emulator to run and debug them. These tools and abilities will prove invaluable when you are creating your first Android apps. You can still create Android apps in other IDEs, but the Android plugin for Eclipse creates certain setup elements—such as files and compiler settings—for you. The help provided by the Android plugin for Eclipse saves you precious development time and greatly reduces the learning curve, which means you can spend more time creating incredible applications.

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