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Key Skills & Concepts

• Creating new Android projects

• Working with Views

• Using a TextView

• Modifying the main.xml file

• Running applications on the Android Emulator

In this chapter, you will be creating your first Android Activity. This chapter examines the application-building process from start to finish. I will show you how to create an Android project in Eclipse, add code to the initial files, and run the finished application in the Android Emulator. The resulting application will be a fully functioning program running in an Android environment.

Actually, as you move through this chapter, you will be creating more than one Android Activity. Computer programming tradition dictates that your first application be the typical Hello World! application, so in the first section you will create a standard Hello World! application with just a blank background and the "Hello World!" text. Then, for the sake of enabling you to get to know the language better, the next section explains in detail the files automatically created by Android for your Hello World! application. You will create two iterations of this Activity, each using different techniques for displaying information to the screen. You will also create two different versions of a Hello World! application that will display an image that delivers the "Hello World!" message. This will give you a good introduction to the controls and inner workings of Android.

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