You will often see "application" and "Activity" used interchangeably. The difference between the two is that an application can be composed of multiple Activities, but one application must have at least one Activity. Each "window" or screen of your application is a separate Activity. Therefore, if you create a fairly simple application with only one screen of data (like the Hello World! application in this chapter), that will be one Activity. In future chapters you will create applications with multiple Activities.

To make sure that you get a good overall look at programming in Android, in Chapter 6 you will create both of these applications in the Android SDK command-line environment for Microsoft Windows and Linux. In other words, this chapter covers the creation process in Eclipse, and Chapter 6 covers the creation process using the command-line tools. Therefore, before continuing, you should check that your Eclipse environment is correctly configured. Review the steps in Chapter 3 for setting the PATH statement for the Android SDK. You should also ensure that the JRE is correctly in your PATH statement.

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