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Key Skills & Concepts

• Implementing a Google API package

• Configuring the XMPP development settings for Google access

• Implementing the View.OnClickListener( ) method

Chapter 9 introduced you to the Google API. You created an Activity that leveraged the Google API and Google Maps. Because of the ease and flexibility of the API, you were able to quickly display a Google Map of a user's current location. You also learned how to manipulate that map with relatively few lines of code.

The Google API contains more than just hooks into Google Maps. You used a small part of a much larger API in the last chapter. The base package for the Google API is From this base, the Google API contains packages that allow you to create Activities that leverage the power of GTalk (Google's chat service), Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Spreadsheet, and Google Services.

When I started writing this book, the version of the Android SDK was m3-rc22. By the time I completed writing, Google had released m5-15. In the time between these two releases, Google had deprecated a few of these packages—while leaving them in the SDK.

Google Calendar, Google Spreadsheet, and Google Services appear to be undergoing an upgrade that, unfortunately, leaves them in a state of incompletion for the m5-rc15 release of the SDK. Google also removed any associated help files from the SDK for these packages, to avoid any confusion. Therefore, the focus of this chapter is a package that works quite well with the latest release of the Android SDK—GTalk.

In this chapter, you will build a small Activity that utilizes the GTalk package of the Android SDK. When the Activity is complete, you will be able to send GTalk messages from your phone to other GTalk users and receive messages from them.


In the first iteration of the Google API for Android, the package dealing with GTalk was a much broader XMPP package. (XMPP is the protocol on which many chat platforms are based, including GTalk and Jabber.) With the latest release of the SDK, the original XMPP package was tightened up and renamed to reflect the specificity of GTalk.

To get started, create a new Project in Eclipse and name GoogleAPI.

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