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Q: Is one operating system better than any other when programming for Android?

A: After using several operating systems with Android, I have not noticed any one operating system having a clear and distinct advantage over another. It is really just a matter of personal preference. However, as often happens, you may see more "tools"—of the unofficial sort—be released on the Linux platform. Because both Linux and Android are open source, more open source developers will be apt to create tools for other open source platforms. This symbiosis may even end up benefiting Android more than it benefits Linux.

Q: Are there other commands that can be run from within the adb shell environment?

A: Yes. For example, one interesting command is the service command, which can be used to check on the status of a process, such as:

service check phone

Assuming the phone is running, you should get back Service phone: found

Another use of the service command is to place calls. With the Emulator running, type the following command and check the results on the Emulator interface:

service call phone 2 s16 "15555551212"

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