Zooming In and

Zooming views in and out depends on the phone you use. Some phones have multitouch support built into the browser, and some do not. Android 2.2 on the Nexus One allows the two-finger pinch to zoom motions that iPhone users have always enjoyed. The T-Mobile G1 does not.

If your phone does not support multitouch gestures, you can zoom in and out of web pages by tapping the screen to open a small +/- toggle for zooming and shrinking the page. This is a bit of a pain, and not the most efficient way to navigate pages.

Android itself comes with multitouch built into the interface. It's just a matter of whether or not the developers choose to take advantage of it. If you like pinch-to-zoom web browsers and your phone doesn't have one, try downloading the Dolphin browser from the Android market.

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